i have always wanted to draw something like this. i started to draw something like this. i will finish my drawing that looks a bit like this. if it is 1/4 as good i will be so impressed with myself i will draw everything. or stop because, i mean.


A cartoon by Michael Maslin. For more cartoons from this week’s issue: http://nyr.kr/S8nR0r

saturday, working lunch
may 24, 2014

indian step wells.


Today’s levitation, Cerise Doucède

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Baby I’m a star

why is this the first time i’m seeing this?

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la cubana
roncesvalles, toronto
may 19, 2014

hosted dinner on alicia’s birthday this weekend!

to start:
smoked salmon tartar on covered bridge chips
manchego, olives, cream crackers
pickled radishes
walnut bread, salami
moscato, beer

chicken adobo
tempered rice
grilled asparagus
sheep yogurt and chive raita

the bday girl’s fave…ed’s real scoop ice cream cake!